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commercial interruption. first, continuing coverage of breaking news from west virginia. disaster in a coal mine and the ongoing rescue effort to save lives. plus, in-depth tonight. inside what's being called america's bullying epidemic. >> she was getting bullied. >> i think it's very sad; very sad. >> >> shepard: it happens in schools all across the nation. >> i did bullying him. >> kids picking on classmates, teasing them, pushing them to their breaking points. >> they would knock books out of his hands in school. >> now i wish i could take it back. >> they attacked his self-esteem. they attacked his physical appearance. >> tonight, the frightening truth about children bullied to death and jonathan hunt hosts a special live chat from florida. plus, it hit with devastating force. >> you couldn't even walk outside. everything was moving. >> shepard: everywhere you look, evidence of its power. tonight, inside the aftermath of the easter sunday earthquake. first, continuing coverage of news breaking now. at least six people are confirmed dead after an explosion at a coal mine in west virgini
in west virginia. >> we have rescue teams that are underground and they are advancing as quickly as possible. >> all we can do right now as a community is just come together and pray. >> we are pretty tough people. we will get through it. >> we know dozens are confirmed dead. but, still, a flickering hope endures. it lives in the eyes of loved ones who wait for word and unyielding resolve of the rescuers. tonight the race to save the miners trapped beneath the earth. continuing coverage of breaking news now on fox news channel and a massive 7. magnitude earthquake has struck near sumatra in indonesia. within the last few minutes we have learned of at least three after shocks. a watch is now in effect for those islands. reports in from residents of widespread power outages and panic on a neighboring island. in indonesia a dispatch from a quake agency official who says there are no reports of a tsunami, no damage or casualties so far but this is the very early going. the united states geological survey reports this earthquake was centered about 130 miles north and west of the islan
and more obstacles at the west virginia mine as hope fades. this is fox news. >> rescue teams entered the mine at 5:00 a.m. the rescuers hunting for the missing miners but the team suffered a set back. >> there is a buildup of gasses. >> while the miners' family and the entire family waited for word and mourn those lost. >> i want everyone to know he was the best dad this the world. >> developments in the disaster at the mine. plus, he sparked a security scare in the air. fighter jets. air marshals. even the president was involved. so, why is the man responsible walking free without charges? he is walking tree because he's a foreign diplomat. a diplomat flying at the time on a commercial airliner on a trip to see an imprisoned terrorist connected to the attacks of 9/11 when all of a sudden he tries to sneak a smoke in the bathroom and brushed it off with a joke about a shoe bomb. this man, going to see an al qaeda terrorist at a super max prison joking about lighting his shoe on fire on the plane happened on a united airlines flight from washington, dc to denver half an hour before sc
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teams still waiting for the go ahead to search a west virginia coal mine for four missing workers. and as they wait, we are learning federal safety officials cited that mine for two violations on the very day the explosion killed at least 25 miners there. one of the violations for an improper cable splice and the other, the other was for inadequate maps of escape routes. it is not unusual for a mine to get more than one violation in a day. after all, it received 458 last year. but you can bet issues like this will come up in the just announced federal investigation into this disaster. meantime the obama administration has recently approved new environmental regulations that will change the way certain mining is done in west virginia and other parts of appalachian shah. the new rules are intended to cut pollution in our waters. critics argue the financial costs are way too high. molly henneberg with the news and new information from d.c. tonight. molly? >> hi, shep. coal companies dispute the science. but the environmental protection agency the e.p.a. says mountain top mine somethi
. this is a day of remember barabbas on campus at virginia tech a day to honor the victims of the deadliest school shooting in yatsz history exactly three years ago. hundreds of people gathered for a series of somber services over the course of the day. some released balloons, others took part in a campus run. a candlelight ceremony planned for this evening. it was april 16th in 2007, a student named sung hugh cho opened fire on the virginia tech campus. in the end 27 students died. five faculty members killed and then he killed himself. the gownen gunman had a history of shooting problems. the shooting led to changes in criteria for treating and maintaining criminally ill people. a warning from the former president. bill clinton says words matter. some of the antigovernment outrage we are hearing right now could have consequences. but rush limbaugh claims it's the former president who is setting the stage for violence. our top story at the bottom of the hour coming right up. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we
deepening its investigation of the coal mine explosion that killed 29 people in west virginia earlier this month. the mine's owner massey energy company faces questions about repeated safety violations. law enforcement officials say the feds have interviewed nearly two dozen current and former massey employees, just in recent days. we're told investigators are looking for evidence that the company engaged in criminal negligence. a spokesman for massey says the company is cooperating and that it denies any wrongdoing. massey's stock plunged an additional 11% today. another twist in the tale of the iphone prototype reportedly lost by an apple employee at a bar in northern california. in case you haven't heard about it, the gadget blog gizmodo published pics and video from the thing a couple weeks ago. apple asked for it back, gizmodo obliged. the saga is turning into a criminal investigation. we are learning that 20-year-old brian hogan is the man who sold the phone to gizmodo for reported $5,000 and he is playing defense. his lawyer says somebody else found the phone on a bar stool and
are facing charges here in the u.s. security teams escorting the man into a federal courthouse in virginia where federal prosecutors filed charges against them. those charges include by was is i, plundering and assault. senior correspondent brian wilson joins us live from our washington newsroom. so, brian, how do these suspected pirates end up in virginia? >> well, jon, these alleged pirates made the mistake of tangling with two u.s. navy ships in two separate incidents not too far from the horn of africa. they apparently thought at the time and it's hard to believe that these were merchant ships. now, five of those were engaged in a squirmish with the uss nicholas which promptly sank their small boat and confiscated the mother ship. the other six shot at the amphibious docked landing ship april 10th about 380 miles off the coast. they were flown after being captured. for a while they had been held on ships at sea. norfolk was chosen because it is home port of the two ships. >> jon: why a military court. >> military are only dealing with members of al qaeda under the law. this is a sign t
number one seed against my favorite on the left west virginia. number two seed that says it's getting love from the entire seat because it does not have a pro-basketball team. updating fox top stories tonight the federal government says it will no longer require extra airport security screening for every u.s. bound pass jar for 14 countries. extra intelligence to apply extra security. unemployment rate held steady 9.7% in march. added more jobs than any point in the past three years. on this day in 1972, the silent film legend chearp chaplin began his first trip back to the united states since the government accused him of being unamerican. chapman spent two decades in switzerland after the u.s. told him he would not be allowed back into the country following an overseas trip. senator joseph mccarthy, as you might imagine, and the feds targeted chaplin for his left ois politics a bitter chaplin vowed he would never return. but 20 years later he flew to the united states to accept an honorary oscar. he never did make another american movie. the little tramp head back to the land of the
particularly. virginia has two con congressional districts where democrats are in big trouble. two in north carolina. two in georgia mississippi. the south the rural midwest. the rockie mountain west are where republicans are looking to knock off all these democrats. many of them were elected in 2006 during a backlash against president bush or in 2008 swept in by president obama. think are now the most vulnerable and the ones to watch if republicans are to knock them off and get back the majority. the pendulum swings the other way. shep? >> shepard: very interesting. carl cameron at the big board live in washington. karl, thanks. president obama says if republicans want to campaign on a promise of repealing the new health care law, go for it. and that's a quote. the president took another road trip today to tell americans what the reforms mean for them. this time visiting portland, maine. and he had a little fun with republicans for comparing passage to the bill armageddon. >> you had others who said this is the end of freedom as we know it. so, after i signed the bill, i looked around. [ l
violations. earlier this month, 29 men died in west virginia in a mine there. the nation's worst coal mining accident in four deck cadz. suddenly resurfaced that big way after crack down in arizona: tonight, washington once again takes up the issue of immigration. what's in the brand new bill and whether there is any hope for bipartisanship on this one. obama looking to weaken true and if so why? the white house says it has a very good reason and the critics are saying the reason is dead wrong. the details, the debate fair and balanced that's next. i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please. it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venturcard from capital one... with double miles on every pchase every day. go to wht's in your waet? oh, poor baby. as we're finishing up, i mention i'm going to the bathroom more often. he checks it out. good thing. turns out... my urinary symptoms -- such as going frequently, trouble going, flow starts and stops..
of punching the prisoner on the stomach. he goes on trial next month in norfolk, virginia. shep? >> shepard: steve, the jury apparently had questions about the alleged victim's story. >> that's right. they told the defense attorney the prisoner ahmed abed simply wasn't credible when he testified in court yesterday. abed is still being held for those grizzly 2004 murders in fallujah. he told the court he was beaten, punched, and kicked but photos displayed in court showed he suffered no serious injuries. just a cut lip. a second trial begins tomorrow. by the way, for a navy seal jonathan keefe that's in baghdad, shep. >> shepard: steve centanni in washington tonight. steve, thanks. on the road to recovery. it appears that fewer americans have lost their jobs in recent days. the u.s. labor department reports the number of people filing their first claims for unemployment benefits fell last week down 24,000 from the week before. this comes after sharp increases in the previous couple of weeks. and some good news as well from the housing mark. the national association of realtors reports that s
a memorial service sunday for the 29 coal miners killed in west virginia mine explosion. we're told the president will deliver the eulogy. the accident was the worse coal mining disaster in the united states in four decades. the cause of the blast still under investigation but officials suspect methane. >> this month's improbable at best of 115 miners who had been trapped under ground for more than a week. now there are new questions over whether the rescue ever happened at all. first, the official story. china's tightly controlled media told us that a flood had trapped 153 miners underground. then eight days after the accident, emergency crews reportedly pulled 115 survivors out alive. but according to reporting at the daily some chinese reporters don't buy the story at all. they want to know why? why after more than a week the survivors still appeared clean shaven. their faces were dirty but their arms were clean and none of the miners' uniforms reportedly showed any signs of wear and tear at all. in addition, of the communist government in china refuses to release a si
across the finish line. virginia creigh deeds the democratic nominee lost gubernatorial race there up in new jersey the incumbent governor jon corzine, democrat hot president campaigned for, he lost to republican chris christie. martha coakley the democrat in massachusetts in open u.s. senate seat lost, of course, as we all remember to republican scott brown. the president is still hitting the trail, shepard, a lot of senate races up for grabs in midterm election. we are not going to to show you the map of all those races. we will show you where the president has traveled recently and where he is going to travel in days to come. look at the states, florida, new hampshire, ohio. he was just in california. next week he goes to illinois and missouri. the u.s. senate races in all of those states sometimes those are official visits. sometimes they are campaign visits. what's important to remember, shepard, is every time the president goes to a place like that, democrats get more energized. the white house is focusing by and large on senate races because it believes losing senate seats in m
diego, the two hijackers followed him to this mosque in falls church, virginia. he met a third hijacker. he was bin laden's hand picked pilot for the attack on the pentagon. >> we are fighting for a noble cause. we are fighting for god. >> but this religious man has an ugly past. having been arrested at least twice for soliciting prostitutes neither mosque where he worked. he al awlaki claimed to be a foreign student to get scholarship money even though he was born in new mexico. colorado state confirmed he was international student but would not comment on his financial records. >> he would not have qualified for those scholarships if he had been an american? >> no. he is absolutely forbid ton have it the reason he gets the j-1 exchange visa is so that he can secure the $20,000 in scholarship. >> in 2002, an arrest warrant accusing al awlaki of passport fraud was pulled by the u.s. attorney's office in colorado. al awlaki had lied years before on social security number application. the u.s. attorney's office says the case was weak and could not be prosecuted. investigators on that case
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15